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Happy Monday – we hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Thanks to all those who have been following the blog and congratulations to the winners of last Friday's book giveaway. We'll be hosting another fantastic giveaway through our Twitter this Friday (hint: the book's title comes from a Japanese word without literal definition that describes the height of personal excellence, elegant performance, and effortless effectiveness). Feel free to comment with any guesses or requests for future givewaways. And be sure to follow us, RT to your friends, and keep checking the blog all week for more great business, leadership and management content. 

We're continuing our Twitter-Link Mondays with 3 more awesome articles (we had a lot of catching up to do after this weekend so it was hard to narrow it down to just three): 

@kabbenbock Storytelling for Business: (@chrisbrogan

    This is a wonderful article that encourages everyone – in every line of business, from nonprofit (like blog and JB nonprofit author Chris Brogan) to social media (like Andy Smith who originally tweeted this link) to advertising and even in leadership – to add a little creativity to their everyday practices. There is so much great practical advice in this article - all laid out in a simple, easy-to-read format. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?

@kevineikenberry RT @donhornsby: John Wooden's best coaching tip: Listen | All leaders should read this today! #leadership

        Why do we love this leadership article (despite the fact that it was originally posted nearly six months ago)? It's simple message: Listen. The famous former UCLA basketball coach and mentor to many is widely considered one of the greats, a man whose legacy really has gone "far beyond basketball." Even if you think you've read every leadership article ever written, we bet you'll find this tribute moving and inspirational – Kevin Eikenberry did, and we certainly did too.

@bill_george Understanding how to get employees more engaged:

        Employee engagement is – or should be! – one of the ultimate goals of every manager. This article, brought to us by bestselling Jossey-Bass author Bill George – is full of shocking statistics. Yes, we think this quick read might inspire you, your company, and your managers to add one more New Year's resolution to your list. (PS: If you are looking for a workshop that tackles the employee disengagement epidemic, look no further. Patrick Lencioni's Managing for Employee Engagement package will be out next year – click here for more details!)

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